morris plains coop

“The Co-op has impacted our lives in such a positive manner. In our everyday occurrences, either a lesson from the co-op, song or staff member has popped into conversation. My daughter absolutely loves going to the co-op and I believe she will remember her experiences their for a very long time.” – Kendra Bohler

“I am so proud to call the Morris Plains Co-op my kids’ school. Whether you’re working parents or have one at home, there is no question it is an amazing place to be!” – Lori Near

“Our older girls went here for three years and had a fantastic experience. They have fond memories of their teachers and were very well prepared for kindergarten. Now our youngest is attending the co-op and absolutely loves it. She is always happy to go. It’s such a great school!” – Alexandra Siegel

“We love the Co-op! All three of my kids are students there now and they all love going to school. From the wonderful staff and teachers to the fun activities and great curriculum, I am so happy that we chose this warm and nurturing environment for our children’s preschool experience!” – Jess Sullo

“My oldest graduated Pre-k with the skills needed for kindergarten and then some! My youngest is following in big brother’s footsteps. Creative learning through play, a great staff and involved parents sealed the deal for us in making the Co-op our playschool of choice. – Beth Barone

“We love the Co-op!” It’s the best place for kids to have fun and learn with all the wonderful teachers and people around them! My son and myself had a great time there! Would definitely recommend this place for anyone hoping to send their kids to have a great time!” – Sheela Madhusudhan

“The Co-op is amazing place to play and learn….an excellent choice for any parent looking for a way to be involved in their child’s pre-school experience.” – Amy Klug

“This is our first year at the co-op and it sure won’t be our last!! My daughter actually cries when I have to pick her up!! Love this place.” – Mare Rizz

“My 3 children went here and they had the best first school experience anyone could ever hope for!” – Karen Ford

“Morris Plains Co-op Play School is a fantastic school with excellent teachers, parents and kids!” – Molly Leeds

“Great pre-school, love being involved, knowing the kids, parents and teachers on such a personal level.” – Kelly Krauss

"The Morris Plains Co-op was the perfect introduction to education for my children. All the teachers are amazing. The progression of classes beginning with 2-morning, leading all the way up to 4-morning with lunch, allowed my daughter to advance at a natural pace while still acquiring all the necessary skills for a smooth transition into Kindergarten. The Pre-K curriculum taught my daughter social skills, science and handwriting, with an emphasis on creativity and learning through play. Because of the solid foundation provided by the Co-op, my child was ready, excited and now excelling in Kindergarten.” – Lisa Bauman

8 Cleveland Ave. Morris Plains, NJ 07950 Tel: 973-540-1537