morris plains coop
Daily Schedule
Here’s what a typical day looks like at the co-op:

Co-oping Parent/Aide Arrival - Co-oping parents and aides who are assisting teachers arrive before classes start and help teachers prepare for the school day.

Class Arrival - Children arrive with parents and settle in.

Circle Time - Children, teacher, co-oping parents and aides gather on the rug for a group activity. This includes greeting one another, story time, sing along or discussions on various topics. Circle time allows children to practice sitting quietly and taking turns in speaking.

Planned Activities/Projects/Free Play - Children complete a planned activity or project, or take part in free play. The activity/project aims to develop physical skills through various manipulative materials while free play allows for social and emotional growth. Children direct themselves between a variety of centers such as dress-up, housekeeping, manipulative materials, books, etc. and learning activities planned by the teacher.

Clean-up Time - Children learn to put away toys and help the group clean up.

Story Time/Language Development - Children gather on the rug for a story. Reading books helps develop a child's imagination, and helps them discover new ideas. It also encourages good listening skills and comprehension skills, as well as introduction of passive vocabulary.

Snack Time - A light snack is provided for children. An essential part of the curriculum, during this time, children practice hand washing, table manners and social interactions. Children also have the opportunity to try new foods.

Music & Movement - Children learn common songs and nursery rhymes. Music helps children learn sounds and meanings of words. Children also learn to work as a team when singing together. In addition, they learn to cooperate, compromise and be creative, as well as using movement activities and musical instruments.

Outside Activities - The Co-op’s large, shaded backyard provides the children an outlet for exercising and gross motor development. We use our playground year-round but should the weather be too inclement, equipment such as tumbling mats, climbers and indoor scooters are available in the school's lower level.


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